Mavic Rsys Wheels Failure

Friends dont let friend ride Rsys wheels…

Just the other day, a local rider sent out an email about an absolutely abissimal crash due to a unreasonable failure of a mavic R-sys wheelset.

Image shown is not of the crash mentioned in this news item. 

The following is an excerpt from an email sent by Jim Macdonald; local racer, team beer member, and all round good guy.

Last night, on the Thursday airport ride, a guy crashed.  It was a simple overlap of the wheel mistake.  His front wheel either got caught the guys rear derailed or in the quick release.  It was one of those things that probably could have been ridden out of, but the wheels failed.

The guy was riding the new Mavic R-Sys wheels.  These are the wheels that are like Ksyrium SL (1500gm) except that the spokes are carbon.  This change saves about 100gm and doubles the price of the wheel.

Well, from where I was riding it looked like he got sucked into the front guys bike.  During that moment the a spoke broke, then another, and in an instant there were carbon spokes hailing from the sky.  It literally looked as though someone threw a hand full of black straw into the sky.

In a split second the wheel almost sublimated from wheel to hub and rim with no spokes.  The guy hit the ground pretty hard.  His glasses lacerated his upper right eye.  I think he also suffered some level of concussion.  I called 911 and stayed on the scene until he was in the ambulance with his bike.  It was pretty bad, and there was a lot deep red blood.

Although new technology is tempting these days, please consider the trade offs for some weight savings.  When carbon fails, it is catastrophic.  Is it worth it to save 145gm when it could mean your health?

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