The right balance between aerodynamics and stiffness

Born from the need to satisfy the requirements of the fastest and most powerful cyclists, Lampo is the customcarbon frame by Sarto Srl, which better combines aerodynamic features with stiffness into a unique bicycle.

Through careful CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) analysis, every profile of the tube set that forms our Lampo has been optimized from the aerodynamic point of view.

The down tube that integrates the fork, ISOFLOW seat stays, internal cable routing, seat tube with Kamm tail aero profile are just some of the most striking aspects resulting from aerodynamic studies. In addition to these peculiar characteristics that identify Lampo, the high stiffness of theframe enhanced by the integrated oversized seat tube minimizes the energy dissipation.

The right balance between aerodynamics and stiffness makes Lampo the ideal frame for speed, gran fondo and triathlon.

Technical Specs

Weight 980 gr (not ISP and raw)
Stiffness value: 100 N/mm
Outer lamination: M46J
Head tube: 1” 1/8 – 1” ½
Internal brake and gear cables guide .
PRESS FIT 86,5 bottom bracket .

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