ENERGIA – from the greek ενέργεια (enérgeia): ability to act, effectiveness, strength.

ENERGIA has an excellent balance between aerodynamics, stiffness and lightness that are the main peculiarities on custom carbon road bikes. Thanks to its unique aerodynamic integration between the down tube, fork and the special ultra-thin seat stays, precious hundredths of Joule will be spared from the friction with the air. Even though not perceived in the early hours of the race they will become important investments when the light will dim.

A frame that helps you to be focused on your race

In addition to aerodynamics also stiffness and light weight of the carbon frame will help you: towards the end of the race when the only thought that crosses your mind is to get to the finish line, the technical characteristics of the materials used to build ENERGIA will be crucial, relieving stress in the recent athletic feats, but also will help you to keep the required concentration.

Top performance disc brake

Last but not least is the brand new rear triangle for Ø140 disc brake. Thanks to the use of disc brakes for road bikes, braking has become more efficient and safer, allowing you to accomplish more precise and well-calibrated movements than with traditional caliper. In addition to its main features ENERGIA has a tapered headset, Ø140 fork for disc brake and internal cable routing.

Technical Specs

Weight: 850 g (not ISP and raw)
Stiffness value: 110 N/mm
Outer lamination: 1K
Inner lamination: T800
Head tube: 1” 1/8 -1” ½
Brake and gear cables guide: Internal
PRESS FIT: 386 bottom braket
Diameter seatpost: 27,2

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