About our company

About our company

Founded in 2004, IkonCycles has never really been a standard bike shop. Located in Midtown Sacramento, California, IkonCycles is a tiny shop focused on providing the best possible customer service. Veering from the bike shop model that will carry many different bike brands, IkonCycles carries very few bike brands. The reason for this is to assure that we are absolute experts on every frame we sell. We feel that being an expert for a few products is preferrable to being a novice for many.

From the smoothness of an individual frame, to the comparative difference between many of them. We will have be able to articulate this to you. Shop employees no longer have a personal connection to the products they are selling. It is our goal to be more honest, more enthusiastic, and possess the most knowledge of any of our competitors.

Everyday at the IkonCycles store our customers leave with the best bike purchase of their life. With the advent of our new online store We hope to provide Cyclists from around the world with the same great quality experience. Our Motto is “Shouldn’t your bike fit you?” No matter your location, Shouldn’t it? We are here to make sure it does.

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