2318 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 441-1122
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Walk into the IkonCycles store and you may find yourself asking if we have what you are looking for. You won't find a large sum of bikes on the floor. In fact, there are at most times only a handful. What you will see, however is some of the most exotic, interesting and diverse performance inventory in the industry. We think that large retail stores with 50 to 150 of more bikes on the floor are an attempt to capitalize on the customer tendency to impulse buy. Therefore, benefiting to a much greater degree the retailer while taking advantage of the consumer. We view mass market retail and its edifices as predatory...we don't want anything to do with such things.

In the end the right bike for you is the one that is chosen, spec'd, built with you in mind. Strangely, most bike shops' attempts to get you on their bikes represent an absolute failure to entertain most of the customization that is possible. Out of the 100s of bikes on the floor of your average store, you are still just going to buy one; the one that best fits your desires. Our store is the representation of an attempt to bring this service to you at a competitive price.

At our little shop in Midtown Sacramento, California, we have set up a process that takes the rider into account first. When the rider enters our shop, we initiate a conversation with them as to their needs as a rider. Be they recreational, competitive, or somewhere in between, this helps us determine an outline of the rider's requirements. The next step is to schedule a fit.

Every bike purchase entails the following:

All of this is provided to our customers without commitment to buy. No other shop that we know of in the country provides this level of service. The bike sales process to us is collaborative rather than adversarial. We hate mass market merchandise. So, we avoid it as a rule. We are local (live within walking distance from our store) possess the deepest product knowledge, and are fiercely independent.

We challenge you to think of a better relationship to foster for your next bike purchase with the retailer. At IkonCycles, we only ask one thing. Shouldn't your bike fit you? Well does it really?

Founder of IkonCycles
Adrian Moore